Meatless Monday- Perfect Alfredo (Monday, April 30)

Due to popular demand, we're going to keep the momentum going by sending out weekly Meatless Monday recipes. This week's is a delicious Fettuccini Alfredo from Allison Rivers Samson of Allison's gourmet. It is so rich and creamy you'll never miss the cheese--or the cholesterol. Read More

Oakland Veg Week 2012 Recap

What a difference a week can make! As Oakland Veg Week wraps up, we want to say thanks so much for your support of our inaugural event. We’re so happy to report that with your help more than 650 people took our pledge to eat more vegetarian meals for the week. We hosted an event every night including three cooking demonstrations, a talk on vegan nutrition, a film screening, a social event with great veggie burgers and a rock band, a talk on animal rights, and a grand finale celebration. More than 350 people attended our events of which you can see photos here. Read More

Lucky Seven: You made it! (Saturday, April 21)

You did it!!! You. Are. Awesome. Thank you for joining Oakland Veg Week 2012! Thank you for making the world a kinder place by avoiding products from slaughterhouses and factory farms. Thank you for giving our beautiful planet a break. Thank you for joining us in our goal of creating a healthy Oakland with fewer heart attacks, strokes, and cancers. Read More

Day six: TGIF! (Friday, April 20)

It’s time to celebrate! You had better be coming to see us tomorrow. You just made a huge change in your life and the in the lives of others, and tomorrow we’d like to give you a standing ovation! Read More