Meatless Monday – Quick and Easy Tostadas (July 9)

When you’re having one of those crazy weeks with too many work meetings and after-school events, you can count on this recipe from Chef Alex Bury to see you through. The basic dish uses only 3 ingredients. Try keeping them all in your pantry for “emergency” meal planning. It’s filling, fresh, super healthy, and easy to “fancy up” if your in-laws are in town! Read More

Meatless Monday – Black Bean Mushroom Tortas (July 2)

This recipe comes from Chef Jason Wyrick of the Vegan Culinary Experience. Tortas are a type of Mexican sandwich that always includes beans or a bean sauce. This recipe was inspired by a torta recipe Jason saw at one of Rick Bayless’ restaurants. He took the idea of a bean sauce and mushrooms as the backbone of the recipe and created his own sandwich, which has turned out to be a favorite. Plus a cooking class and free veggie dogs! Read More