Recipe courtesy of Baia Pasta

Serves 4-6
Time: 40-60 minutes (soak beans 1 day ahead)


1 box Baia Pasta Durum Wheat Gomiti

3/4 C pinquito beans, dried (We use Llano Seco pinquito beans, available at our store)

extra virgin olive oil and/or vegan butter

2 spring onions, thinly sliced

2 stalks green garlic, minced

1 fennel bulb, halved lengthwise, then thinly sliced

1 bunch of greens, chopped (feel free to use kale, broccoli raab, dandelion greens, etc)

3 T basil or flat-leaf parsley, chopped

Juice from one small lemon

salt & pepper (We love using Omnivore Salt, available at our store)


Prepare your beans. Soak them overnight (we like to add a piece of kombu). The next day, drain them, add them to a pot, and cover with 2 inches of cold water. Bring them to a boil, then simmer until soft, anywhere from 20 minutes to 40 minutes. Allow the beans to cool in the liquid. Drain.

Heat 1 Tbs of olive oil or vegan butter in a skillet over medium-high heat. Add enough beans to cover the bottom of the skillet without crowding. Fry for a couple minutes until the first side is browned and blistered, then flip the beans and fry the other side. Repeat the process with the remaining beans. Set fried beans aside.

In the same skillet, saute the onions, garlic, and fennel in 1 T olive oil until softened, then add the greens and a pinch of salt. Cook until the greens are cooked to your liking. Add the beans back into the skillet and warm through.

Meanwhile, bring a large pot of salted water to a boil and cook pasta until al dente, about 8-9 minutes. Drain pasta and return to pot. Add the fried bean mixture, basil, and lemon juice to the pasta. Toss to combine and taste.

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