Featured Restaurant: Café Colucci has been recognized as one of the best Ethiopian restaurants in Oakland for 20 years. It’s a locally-owned business with mouth-watering vegan options. Be sure and try the Ethiopian-style fried potatoes and the melt-in-your-mouth vegetarian sambusas before moving on to the delicious and oh-so-filling veggie combo!

Thanks for taking the veg pledge for Oakland Veg Week 2012!  Whether you pledged to be veg for Meatless Monday, to go vegan for the entire week, or something in between—you’re making an awesome change and we’re here to give you all the support you need.

Each day we’re going to send you free recipes, shopping tips, event invitations and more to help make the week a success. All of the events for OVW12 are free for veg pledgers!

If you’re new to veg eating, take it slow. When we learn foreign languages, we don’t rush out and attend scientific lectures in the language we’re just starting to learn.  Or consider the last time you moved to a new city. The first couple of weeks you couldn’t even find the post office.  But within a month you were zipping all over without even thinking about it!

So take some time to attend the events, read some new cookbooks, explore the veg options in your favorite grocery store, and ask all the questions you need.  Consider taking steps.  First you might change your favorite snacks to vegan options.  Next you can learn about cholesterol-free veg breakfast foods.  After that, you can try some new restaurants for dinner ideas.

“Trying new restaurants” is our favorite way to eat more veg foods, especially here in the Bay Area! There’s a long list of Oakland restaurants that will be offering OVW12 specials.  Show them some love and support while eating delicious veg food—and let us know how it goes! If you find yourself enjoying a particularly scrumptious veg entrée, post it to the OVW12 Facebook page so others can try it.

Every time you choose a veg meal over a meat meal you are making a huge difference. Your body will thank you for eating healthy foods instead of the usual cholesterol bombs. The earth will get a break from massive water waste involved in meat production. And the animals confined in factory farms, who are sick, scared, and in pain—they can’t send you a thank you note, but they would if they could. Every step you take matters. We are truly grateful for your participation and we look forward to answering your questions, meeting you at the events, and celebrating with you at the Oakland Veg Week Grand Finale Celebration!

Let us know if you need any help or if you have any questions.  You can learn how to RSVP for the fabulous events and parties here.

Happy OVW12!

Alex, Dana, Jaci, Kristie, and Michelle


If you don’t live in the Bay Area, never fear. The recipes, shopping tips and online resources will work for anyone, anywhere and you can find restaurants that offer veg options at HappyCow.net or with the VegOut App (also great for traveling)!

Featured Event

Allison Rivers-Samson will be hosting a vegan cooking demonstration Sunday

OVW12 kicks off this Sunday, April 15, with a fabulous veg cooking class at Whole Foods Market by Allison Rivers Samson,  an amazing chef—we know this from sampling a few too many of her luscious brownies.  Sponsored by Whole Foods Oakland, this class is *free* for everyone who has taken the veg pledge! Due to popular demand, an additional class was added at 2:30 p.m. Don’t wait to RSVP—they are selling out!

Scrambled tofu

There’s nothing better on Sunday than a lazy brunch. This tofu scramble recipe from FatFree Vegan Kitchen is sure to please even the most begrudging tofu eater out there.

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