Brundo will feature a vegan Ethiopian cooking demonstration tonight

Go ahead—ask it. We know you’re thinking it! “How do I get enough protein on a vegan diet?”

We had the exact same questions when we first decided to eat a vegetarian diet. It’s important stuff. If you go veg but only eat French fries and Diet Coke, chances are you won’t be feeling so hot. We’re not going to let that happen!

  1. Read this. Eating a good veg diet is no harder than eating a good meat diet. Meat-eaters who eat only chicken nuggets and orange soda are going to feel awful, just like a junk food vegan.  Nutrition matters, no matter what your base diet is. Vegetarians weigh less, have (much) lower rates of heart disease, cancer and impotence, and even feel happier and less stressed!
  2. Attend tomorrow’s free talk by registered dietician and founder of Vegan Outreach, Jack Norris.
  3. Eat breakfast!

That’s right—eating a solid breakfast can help you snack less later in the day, and will give you energy all day long. Stick to the familiar during the week:  Eat your favorite cereal with soymilk or rice milk. Put vegan Tofutti cream cheese on your bagel. On Saturday, try our favorite tofu scramble recipe, and on Sunday, splurge with vegan pancakes with maple syrup and fresh fruit!

Tonight we’ll be at the Café Colucci cooking class and eating out all over town. Join us!

Alex, Dana, Jaci, Kristie, and Michelle

Breakfast idea:

Italian Colors in Montclair specializes in traditional as well as California/Italian food and will be offering a special vegan tasting menu in recognition of Oakland Veg Week. Spring greens, asparagus, fava beans anyone? See you there!

Try Amy’s frozen vegan breakfast foods for a great weekday treat, or stop by Breakroom Café in downtown Oakland for a soy cappuccino and vegan breakfast bagel!


I work out! Are you a gym-lover?  Do you run marathons on weekends, or spend your evenings lifting weights at the Oakland YMCA?  Then you’ll definitely love a vegetarian diet! Check out all the veg athletes who are thriving (and winning!) and some of the great info on training on a vegan diet. Have questions? Join us at the Rockridge Library for a talk and book signing by dietician and nutrition author Jack Norris. This talk is *free* for veg pledgers! Please RSVP here.


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